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You’re planning a birthday party, bachelorette party, holiday event, corporate event, team-building exercise, anniversary, wedding party, or special occasion. What to do? What to do indeed? There are, of course, the usual options. Bar crawls, nightclubs, limousines, dinner cruises, movie nights, catered events, trips, slumber parties with the girls, paintball battles with the guys, etc. But these options are either too expensive or too mediocre.

How do you organize a party that is both affordable and unique? Enter Life With Paint’s “paint & sip” painting classes, the new way to host a fun and affordable party.

Paint & Sip! - The Benefits of a Social Painting Class

Looking for a reason to schedule a paint & sip class for your next party or event? We have seven!

1). A paint & sip class is a memorable occasion. Everyone wants their party to be memorable. What good is it to go through all the effort of planning and hosting a party if it ends up being just like all the other parties out there? Not so with a Life With Paint class. Such classes are memorable because they are unlike anything your guests have ever experienced before. And on top of that, everyone in attendance gets to create their painting and take it home with them! What better way to make an event memorable than for each person to have a painting hanging on their wall that they created and which reminds them of a great experience with friends?

2). Rekindle the inner artist! Everyone has an inner artist, even if they haven’t held a paintbrush since they were kids. A social painting class is a great way to get the group together and rekindle everyone’s creative soul!

3). Social painting brings people together and creates a bond in art. Some of the feedback we hear most from our students is that their paint & sip class was a bonding experience. Something about bringing people together and making art has a bonding, connecting nature to it. And that makes sense. Human cultures have gathered under the stars and made art together for centuries. Life With Paint honors that tradition and adds a modern spin to it!

4). Social painting can be a form of therapy. There is a certain magic and a healing sensation in the act of creating art. It's a great way to create, spend time with friends and family, and give everyone a chance to relax and just be in the moment; painting, chatting, learning, breathing, experiencing.

5). Affordable fun for all. Life With Paint paint & sip classes are affordable. Be sure to let us know how many people you’d like us to deliver a lesson to. We offer great discounts for parties of 25 or more!

6). No experience is required. One of the most common barriers to organizing activities for a party or a celebration is trying to find that one activity that everyone wants to do and that they can do. Some people might have physical limitations that rule out a strenuous activity. Others may feel as though the chosen event is too complicated or time-consuming. A paint & sip class is only two hours long, there is no strenuous activity, and there is no experience required. Anyone can sit down and have a great time creating their painting. Such an event is truly the perfect activity for your next party because everyone can participate!

7). Paint & sip fosters creative, wholesome, good-natured fun. Why schedule a party at the same old nightclub? Why play all the same old drinking games? Paint & sip lends itself to a wee bit of drinking (hence the “sip” but let's emphasize that word, sip). But at the same time, social painting is good, wholesome, clean fun. No hangovers the next day, just remarkable art that you made!

Signing Up for a Class

Are you interested in splashing a little color into your next party? Thinking about having a party that’s fun, engaging, social, and creative? Click on over to our private event sign-up page. Fill out the contact form and one of our staff will reach out to you shortly.

We’re looking forward to making art with you and your group!