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Starting the New Year with Art

Every year, we make decisions to do new things. And almost every year, we don’t end up doing them. We decide to eat better, to exercise more, to go out there and find the guy or girl of our dreams, to get that promotion at work, or to learn a new skill.

For some reason, we seldom make good on those promises.

How can we reverse that trend? If you’ve wanted to get more involved in the arts but have had a difficult time doing so, Life With Paint has some helpful tips for staying committed to the arts.

How to Stay Committed to the Arts and Not Make it “Just Another New Year’s Resolution”

Hey, we get it. We’re artists here at Life With Paint. We’ve experienced those struggles and inner turmoils with maintaining a commitment to the arts. We’ve made art as a hobby; we’ve created art as a career; we’ve been involved with painting classes and group painting classes for years.

We talk more about the arts and about making art in our group painting classes, but for now, here’s our advice on how to make art a priority and a regular commitment in the new year:

  • Make a decision. Every life change starts with a decision. Get grounded in your decision to make art, and list out the reasons why you are deciding to make art.
  • Set aside time every day to create art, to read about art, to view and appreciate art, etc. It’s not enough just to make art a “now and then” type of hobby. That’s how commitments get left by the wayside. Make art a daily part of your life.
  • Study the great artists and learn what inspired them. Seek inspiration from them.
  • Seek training on how to make art. (We can help you here!) Improve your skills by learning new skills.
  • Go for consistency over perfection. Most artists are perfectionists, and that hurts us more often than it helps us. When it comes to the arts, you should be more focused on simply creating art than you are on creating perfect art, at least in the beginning.

Getting involved in the arts is more about making small, incremental changes in your life, but doing so every day and by being consistent. It’s more about consistency than it is about making big, monumental leaps and bounds. Making art and becoming a better artist is a gradual process, and it’s a beautiful process at that. Keep at it, and you’ll never be the same again.

Five Artists and Their Encouraging Words on Committing to the Arts

Sometimes it takes a little personal encouragement and extra “oomph” to sit down at the easel and create art. We did some searching, and we found a few fantastic inspirational quotes from artists. These are the words of professional artists who also felt that it sometimes took some effort to stay committed to the arts.

Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Regular habits will get you in the studio, but it is the courage of commitment to your art that will keep you coming back.” -Nina Allen Freeman
  • “Commit yourself to a life in art. Throw yourself into each painting heart and soul.” -Irwin Greenberg
  • “One of the principal lessons that we can learn from books is that, for most highly successful artists, there is a very direct correlation between the level of commitment they made to their painting and the results they obtained.”-James Heumann
  • “A master artist requires patience and commitment because painting is a rational pursuit.” -David Leffel
  • “The life of an artist requires an unshakable commitment that comes from beyond desire, which comes from the survival instinct.” -Nina Meledandri

Art is a journey. It’s expressing yourself in a slightly different way, every day. Art is putting ideas into the world that cannot be communicated with words. We’re lucky to have the arts, and as long as we can maintain a commitment to the arts, we can continue to improve our skills and expand appreciation for one of humanity’s most incredible passions.

Signing Up for a Group Painting Class at Life With Paint

Ready to take the first step towards making your artistic ambitions a reality this year? Life With Paint has the fun, informal, no-pressure, friendly group painting classes to get you started.

We offer group painting classes at great locations all across Australia. We have courses in:

We offer two easy ways to sign up for classes at Life With Paint. The first is to sign up for our group painting classes. All you have to do is head on over to our Locations page. This page will show you a full roster of courses in the cities where we are located. Just click on a class that fits your schedule, cover the cost of your seat, note the day, time, and location in your calendar, and you’re all set!

For those who are looking to schedule a private event painting class, we offer those too! If you’re interested in getting a group of artists together, or if you’d like to host an office party, corporate event, church event, or maybe you just want to get a group of your friends together and create art in a more private setting, our private painting classes are the ones for you. Just head on over to our private event painting classes signup page to get started.