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Private Events: Parties for Painting Classes

In what kind of occasion would you host a Life With Painting class? Quite simply: where you have a group of people together and you want them to have fun exploring their creativity and doing something constructive.

With that said there is virtually no limit to what type of event or function you can incorporate our classes into.

Here are some ideas:

Birthday Parties

This is the most obvious choice for choosing your next group painting class, and it need not only be for children! While kids will have a great time, adults also have an absolute blast. Wherever your birthday party is being held (at home or some other location) we can service you and set up wherever you need. And don’t worry about cleaning up, our artist will take care of all of that for you. When you give the gift of a painting class, the birthday boy or birthday girl’s day will be forever immortalised by the painting they create.


Family reunions are a really unique choice for a group painting class. There is the interesting aspect that you and your family will all be creating art together, artists and non-artists alike, and you’ll be seeing each other’s creations and process. People you have known your entire life, and have never seen them create art before, suddenly creating art. It is fascinating to see them express themselves and their own unique twists on the paintings. Especially for those who have never in their lives created art. It is a great bonding experience and family members end up learning much about each other and end off feeling closer.


Anniversaries for friends, businesses, achievements, special occasions, are all great reasons to put on a private event painting class.

Anniversaries can be pretty predictable and plain. A meal, drink, maybe some dancing at the very most.

You want your or your anniversary to be memorable and special. Therefore, don’t do the usual and predictable, instead do the unusual and irregular by putting on a painting class. It will be an event to remember and leave you with a momentum to hold on to and reflect upon in the years to come.


After all that hard work, blood, sweat and tears, graduations are an excellent occasion to reward a group of people for their persistence. Whether it is secondary school, college, university or even trade/vocational schools, these are all great occasions to bring people together, acknowledge their achievement and put on a super fun painting workshop. Just let us know when and where and we will take care of all the rest. All you have to do is bring your guests!

Holiday Parties

Holidays are already fun affairs and have their own tradition and activities. But who said you can’t make something awesome even more awesome?

With a holiday painting class you can tap into the creativity and positive vibes by having themed paintings centered around that particular holiday. For example, you really get into and feel the Spirit of Christmas when you do a group painting class that depicts some sort of Christmas-inspired scene. It is something you have to see first hand to truly understand; something magical happens.

So, if you want you and your friends to get into the spirit of a particular holiday, a painting class is just the right thing.

Here are some holidays that are perfect for private events:

  • New Years
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Mother’s Day
  • Easter
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day

Organizations, clubs and other groups

Put an exciting spin on the standard ‘weekly’ group meeting for your club or organization by holding a private event painting class. Increase the moral of your group, the communication skills and rapport of its members and much more.

There is no limit to what type of group:

  • political groups
  • non-profit groups
  • clubs (boy scouts, other volunteer groups)
  • And on, and on
Additionally, if you have a non-profit this could be a great format for fund-raising.