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Private Events: Corporate Team Building & Parties

So, you’re looking for some ideas for your next office party or corporate team building event?

Maybe you’ve already tried paintball, beach or surf parties, escape room adventures, bowling, Office Olympics. One thing is for sure, if you have never done a group painting class then you need to mark it down for your next office event. Here’s why:

Painting Classes for Team Building

Boost Morale: Give introverts and Artists a Chance to Shine

Often times, team-building events are sport or physically demanding, which is fine but not everyone can excel in that, nor is everyone capable.

Additionally, action-based or sports favors the individual who is physically inclined or has an advantage in that area, whereas people with low confidence, insecurity, or just less physically able in that area are less likely to have wins and feel like they are progressing, even if they get a plastic trophy for 10th place.

You can balance things out and level the playing field by also offering a non-physical and purely creative event, such as painting. This allows the introvert, artist, or physically unable person a chance to flex their creative muscles and win.

There is nothing more fulfilling than getting a chance to showcase one’s creation to the group, and receive their acknowledgement, admiration and positive feedback.

Fostering Creativity and Determination

Every office could use a little more creativity. Even if your business is not related to design, graphics or art. When you start creating a piece of art you get into a ‘mode’; something changes, creative juices start flowing, you start coming up with good ideas, then better ideas, and then maybe a few bad ideas, but you keep at it. You might make a mistake (as in a brush stroke in the wrong place), well you now have to work WITH that wrong, and make it into something right.

Creating art helps foster an attitude of: “I’m going to do something, I’ll keep working on it, if I mess it up, I’m going to keep at it and somehow turn the mess into something good”. This is a very positive and empowering attitude, and the more your employees have it, the more your company will benefit.

Establishing Good Rapport

The social benefits of painting classes for corporate events can’t be ignored.

The majority of your employees’ interactions are business and task related. There is work to be done, progress to be made. All of your staff are human beings and sometimes they may forget that in their day to day business interactions and dealings; giving orders, complying with orders, making requests, all in a regimented environment where one may not be able to speak and act naturally.

You get better responses from people when you treat them as human beings, and when you do a painting class you get just that, people together, with no pressure or judgement, expressing themselves, opening themselves up, conversing, all the while together on a completely non job-related task. This helps build actual rapport and increases their ability to communicate. And when your employees have better rapport and more willing to communicate with each other, you will have a smoother running ship.

Employees who were at first reluctant or unable communicate with their team mates will get great benefit from this type of corporate private event.

Party with a Purpose: Painting Classes for Office Parties

Even if you’re not looking for team building events, painting classes are a fun twist on the typical one-dimensional office party. Office parties are fun, but why do we have to keep having the same one over and over? And doing the same party but with different themes adds only a fraction of fun. We’ve all been to them, there is nothing really memorable or awesome about them. But you can change that.

The thing that makes office parties boring is that there is nothing interesting to do. When you’re doing a group painting class, you are giving your staff not only something to do but something that is fun, creative, easy and winds up with a desirable end result which they can be proud of (a painting).

You’ll see it first-hand with all the excitement in the faces of your staff as they create their very own masterpieces.

Party with a purpose and give your staff a treat by putting on a private painting class.

You are in Good Hands

We have done corporate events for a number of businesses in Australia including:

  • Google
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Spotify
  • Channel 10 News Sydney
  • Groupon
  • Suncorp
  • And hundreds more!

But you don’t have to be an international Fortune 500 Company for us to put on a private event! There is no business too small. Our minimum is 10 and we have done some as large as 150.