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Painting Classes as a Great Idea for an Activity on Halloween

Every October, we get to celebrate what is unquestionably one of the most popular annual holidays. Halloween. Ghosts and goblins, spooks and hoots, haunts and jaunts, freaks and geeks, this time of the year is a fun and exciting holiday for children and adults alike!

Instead of doing the same Halloween traditions this year, why not add a personal touch to your collection of holiday decor? This Halloween, why not create some of your own hand-painted artwork? What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to make your own Halloween painting?!

At Life With Paint, we offer hundreds of social painting classes each year to thousands of students. And yes, when Halloween rolls around, we offer several Halloween-themed social painting classes. We deliver both kid-friendly, and adult-friendly classes. It’s a good time for all, and a great way to create fun artwork in the Halloween spirit!

Social Painting – Doing Something Different This Halloween

Life With Paint is bringing the joy of painting to Australia. We’ve delivered more than 2,184 classes to more than 54,600 students in the past three years alone. And we’ve done so at more than 17 venues across Australia and New Zealand.

This year, we want to make Halloween a big deal, and that’s why we’re offering Halloween painting classes especially planned just for the occasion. Our artist-instructors will bring all kinds of fun painting ideas to the table (or easel, in this case!) to teach our students. Students will have the option to paint fun things like:

  • Jack’ o’ Lanterns
  • Black cats
  • Monsters
  • Witches
  • Mummies
  • Ravens
  • Spiders
  • Specters
  • Skeletons
  • Cauldrons
  • Spooky houses
  • Pumpkins
  • Ghosts
  • Spooky landscapes

And to add a new level of fun to the mix, we encourage our students to dress up in their favourite Halloween costume for their painting class! Nothing sets the spirit like a silly Halloween costume, Halloween treats, and an hour or two with a canvas, a paintbrush, some colour, and several friends!

From brand new students who’ve never held a paintbrush to artists who would like to try their hand at a different art style, our Life With Paint group painting classes bring people from all backgrounds together to have fun, create art, and celebrate a holiday all at the same time. Our artist-instructors guide the class at a comfortable pace, ensuring that everyone has a chance to create their own personal masterpiece.

And perhaps the best part is that you get to bring your painting home with you! Not only are you participating in a fun, Halloween-themed social event, but you get to keep your painting! Say hello to new home décor!

Private Painting Classes for Halloween-Themed Parties

Life With Paint also offers private painting classes. These are perfect for celebrating a birthday, vow renewal, anniversary, or another special event. These classes are also ideal for team-building exercises, office parties, group events, church parties, school graduation celebrations, etc.

Are you planning a private event or get-together for Halloween? Our artist-instructors can bring the Halloween spirit to your private party! Check out our private event sign up page to learn more about scheduling a private event with Life With Paint.

What Our Students are Saying

Life With Paint is the fastest growing social painting group in Australia. And our students love us! We continuously receive thanks and positive reviews.

For example, Debra Rillo wrote about receiving a Life With Paint social painting class as a Mother’s Day present. She said:

  • “What a great day this was! I received this session from my daughter for Mother’s Day and I took my sister with me. We had so much fun, it’s a great venue too. We were able to have lunch, a nice glass of Wine and then paint. High recommend as a gift or just as a something to do day.”

And Rachel Douglas talked about the relaxing creative nature of a Life With Paint class. No pressure here!

  • “Lots of fun and relaxing. Nice to have a glass of wine and let your inner creativity come out. Shane is a great art teacher and makes it a very enjoyable time. Nice event to take a friend for a catch up and to try something new. Highly recommended.”

We often have return students too, students who take one Life With Paint class and then can’t wait for their next one! From Jessica Carter in Brisbane:

  • “I have been to a few of these classes in Brisbane both with friends and also occasionally as special one on one time with one of my (older) children. It’s a great night out – everything is ready when you arrive and all that is required is to pick up a brush and follow the instructor. It definitely gets the creative juices flowing (for both the experienced and inexperienced) but in a fun and relaxed way so it’s enjoyable for everyone. The finished pieces from the classes I’ve done are all so different, I love trying different techniques and am getting quite a gallery on my wall! Would highly recommend.”

Signing Up for a Holiday “Spooktacular” Painting Class

Interested in signing up for your first social painting class for Halloween? Life With Paint has enlisted the help of several artist-instructors who host classes all across the continent. We offer courses in:

Ready to book your first Life With Paint class? Just click on over to our locations page. Click on the city that you’d like to take a course in, then pick your preferred date. Then all you have to do is pay for your seat in the class, make a note of the class time and location, and prepare yourself for a fantastic, creative, and FUN experience!

And if you have any hesitancy about signing up for a painting class because you’ve never painted before in your life, just consider these words from Pablo Picasso:

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

See you at the next class!