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Five Things to Know About Social Painting Classes (aka Paint and Sip)

  • Paint and Sip is like yoga, without the sweat: Need a release that doesn’t involve strenuous exercise or going on a 3-day bender on Netflix. Painting is the perfect therapeutic hobby as it directs your attention to what is happening directly in front of you and your mind is not caught up in the past or future events. You are exactly in the moment. Your body relaxes and with that relaxation all your physical ailments release.

  • Paint and Sip dips into your creative soul: With the help of our generous artists at Life with Paint you will be helped to go beyond that voice that says ‘no’ and create something with your own new talent that reveals your deepest hidden creative soul. Let it out baby!

  • At life with Paint you meet new people and create new relationships: Sometimes we need a break from our regular crowd and branch out to meet new people. We understand! Sip and Paint encourages you to get out and meet like-minded lovers of art and culture.

  • No experience is required: Paint and Sip workshops are still an art class, meaning that even if you don’t know your Monet from your Van Gogh, our teachers are there to guide you with easy tips and lessons. We guarantee that every pupil who walks in will walk out a painter!

  • Paint and Sip is super fun: When was the last time you unleashed your creativity in in a fun environment with no pressure. Paint and Sip events are combination of drinks, socializing, being personally creative with a talented teacher and just letting your hair down. Having a glass of wine and Painting improve social skills and leads to higher levels of self-confidence. Everybody is creative, you just need to show up and we will unleash you on the most creative journey of your life.