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Birthdays & Anniversaries

Private Event Painting Classes for Birthdays and Anniversaries

Welcome to Life With Paint, the best idea yet for a unique, memorable, one-of-a-kind birthday party or anniversary.

Trying to figure out what to get your friend or loved one for their birthday? Want to “Wow!” your spouse or significant other with a special anniversary gift? Consider signing up for a private event with Life With Paint. We are in the business of making memories through social painting classes.

Life With Paint hosts classes at fantastic locations all across Australia. Each class is about two hours long. Your host artist will guide you through the painting process, helping you to create your own rendition of the featured artwork for that particular class. And while most social paint groups offer “come one, come all” services where anyone can show up, Life With Paint offers special, private classes for your birthday party or anniversary.

What Does a Private Event Painting Class Look Like?

When’s the last time you painted with watercolours? Kindergarten? Grade School, perhaps? Now, Social Painting has made painting “cool” again, and we are happy to be a part of the artistic movement. At Life With Paint, guests arrive at a predetermined location at a set time. Your host artist will provide all of the materials you need, including canvases, aprons, brushes, palettes, paints, etc. They’ll even clean up afterward. All you have to do is show up and paint to your heart’s content!

Once everyone is settled in and ready to get to work, your host artist will guide the group through the painting process, showing by demonstration and instruction how each participant can create their very own version of the example painting used for that class. Each class lasts for about two hours. By the end of the course, each participant will have their own, incredible work of art!

A private painting class with our team is a truly memorable occasion for everyone involved. This is a birthday party or anniversary that your guests won’t forget!

The Benefits of a Social Painting Class

Scheduling a private painting class for an upcoming birthday or anniversary has multiple benefits. This isn’t just a “night out on the town.” It’s not just the same old same old.

Here are some benefits to scheduling a group painting class for your birthday party or anniversary:

  • Birthday parties and anniversaries are intended to celebrate a new year of life. What better way to eternalise that celebration than with each participant creating a beautiful work of art that they can hang on their wall and cherish forever?
  • Options for birthday parties and anniversaries need more variety! Why do the same thing, the dinner, the cake, maybe a little drinking, perhaps a little dancing? That was fun the first few anniversaries, but now the special nature of the anniversary is dimmed a bit due to doing the same thing each year. The same is true with birthday parties. Why not change it up and give everyone a chance to release their inner artist? That will make for a party that everyone
  • As Life With Paint is one of the only social painting groups that offers private events, this is a great way to enjoy a unique, memorable event with just your close family members and loved ones. A true bonding experience, a thrill in the joy of creation, and a great way to honor that special someone’s birthday or anniversary all in one!
  • A private social painting class gives participants the chance to celebrate a birthday or anniversary and explore their inner artist. This is a fun, engaging experience where participants can chat and make small talk while creating artwork. There’s never a dull moment, as the class consists of two hours of learning, laughing, painting, and creating.


Our Facebook page is chock-full of positive reviews and testimonials from happy customers. These are folks who either scheduled private events with Life With Paint or who just came in for a group class. Here are three examples:

From Shashwat Suryavanshi:

  • The atmosphere at Paint It Up was so lively, friendly and colourful. I was holding the brush after a long time and the guidance from instructor was too smooth to follow and she was giving personal tailored experience to everyone in room. Highly recommend for everyone to take a break from their busy schedules and show up at Paint It Up Sydney. Cheers.”

From Susan Jordan:

  • I can’t believe how brilliant this was. I’ve never painted before and can’t draw but lisa took us through step by step. I may not have produced a frida kahlo like the model but i stunned myself by producing a painting i just love. My inner critic has never been so silent as i steadily built up the layers. Thank you so much for such a liberating an joyous discovery.”

From Sarah Fogarty:

  • I have not painted for over 20 years! I had such a good time and am so proud of my painting. The instructer made if very easy to relax and just paint and she gave such great tips! Although the whole group did the same painting everyone left with their own special creation that was unique – I loved that. I’m definitely doing this again!”

Signing Up for a Private Class

Ready to schedule a private event for a family member’s birthday? Or for an anniversary? Some of the cities where Life With Paint hosts private painting classes are:

All you have to do to get started is contact us. We’ll help you schedule your event at any one of our convenient locations. Select a date and time from the available options and sign up! We’ll take care of the rest. Invite as many friends and family members as you’d like, and get ready for what will truly be a memorable birthday party or anniversary.